Prism Eye Glass

by Ken Moore

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This album, originally completed in 1986, about the same time as "The Chess Kingdom", actually had some of the tracks used on TCK, but was changed when the concept of TCK came about in 1987. There were two different sets of song line-up sheets found, and the later one was adhered to, with the only modification being the re-recording of several drum tracks, and the addition of a bass part [and title alteration] to "And They Didn't Stop To Ask". There were no digital copies for "Face The Music" and the title track, "Prism Eye Glass", so the cassette recordings had to be used, as well as for "Variant Fraction" and "Recurring Nightmare".

While TCK still remains the last keyboard based album on the original ACS music catalog, PEG was definitely the better of the two, in that some of the compositions were intended to be used on a synth/drum based tape that was never competed. The opening track, "Minimum Number" appeared on the "ACS: A Musical History Vol. II", as well as a piano version of "Prelude to Winter" (Prelude). A drum-less edition of "Mutating Dejection" also appeared on Vol. I, and Larry Jeter [with Mark Chance and Ken Moore] did a experimental jazz version of Prism Eye Glass, which was pressed onto vinyl when VOD records released ACS's box set with an album dedicated to the ELIXIR tape.

The original drums were recorded before Ken had gotten his experience with Wayne Myers during their Moore/Myers recording sessions, most likely during his years as a keyboardist for the original progressive rock band, Kameleon. There is also one piece included on this [original cassette] album that did not appear on either Frame of Reference or Sense of Recreation, but was written and performed at that time, and that is "Variant Fraction". All in all, this retro-release shows Ken's progression from an art rock keys-based performer to synth-tech composer and also of his interest in adding jazz elements to his more experimental pieces as seen in the three part section entitled "Prism Eye Glass". Enjoy


released March 15, 2017

Ken Moore - all recorded sound and instruments

Eric Block - cover photo




Moore/Myers Ohio

Having spent years as a keyboardist for many rock bands, Ken has recently expanded his music to include a wide variety of percussion instruments.
While guitarist, David Wayne Myers, and multi-instrumentalist, Ken Moore, had collaborated in the late 1980's, their music lives on through Auricle Music in Great Britain. Ken Moore continues to release music from his past, and also creates new sounds.
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