Morning Creations

by Ken Moore

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Recorded in Seven Valleys, PA, during Ken's visit to Baltimore for his first live performance in many years. Each piece was composed during the early morning hours, one for each day of the week of August 14 through August 17, 2012. Recordings were done on the Roland Edirol and transferred to an Apple G4 computer to marry Moog synthesizer with tamtams and cymbals.


released November 10, 2012

Ken Moore: Moog Sonic Six synthesizer, various tam tams, gongs cymbals and metallic percussion items.




Moore/Myers Ohio

Having spent years as a keyboardist for many rock bands, Ken has recently expanded his music to include a wide variety of percussion instruments.
While guitarist, David Wayne Myers, and multi-instrumentalist, Ken Moore, had collaborated in the late 1980's, their music lives on through Auricle Music in Great Britain. Ken Moore continues to release music from his past, and also creates new sounds.
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Track Name: Cymbals and Gongs 3
The darkness retreats before the onslaught of the Sun. Gray clouds drift aimlessly, splintered remnants of an early morning overcast.

I walk alone and my gaze turns to the sky. -Michael David Gilley, 1969
Track Name: Sonic 4 + 4
The Sun is gone now. To mourn its' passing, the sky has drawn up its' clouds and made them to shed tears on the earth. The false security of the day has been washed through a thousand rivulets and into the drainage ditches down the street. (from "Evening") by Michael David Gilley (1969)
Track Name: Sonic 5
Soft night surrounds me.
Help my eyes to forget the harsh light of day.
Take me into your shadows and hide me.
(from "Sleep") by Michael David Gilley, Istanbul, Turkey, 1969
Track Name: Sonic 6
How fast it comes, morning.
How swiftly the sunrise shatters the night.
How quickly the quiet blackness disperses
before the onslaught of the sun.

How soon, twilight.
How quickly the sun descends.
How quietly the day ebbs
as the soft mist of dusk rises.

(from "Cycle") by Michael David Gilley (1969)
Track Name: Sonic 7
I felt myself being engulfed in the splendor which surrounded me. I no longer felt a part of this world. I felt as if my mind had exploded. I felt as if every magnificent sight and sound in the world was now gathered right there inside my head. -Michael David Gilley ("The Lady of the Lights") excerpt from the book: "The Corruption of Denny McAllister" (1969)